Moral & Value education for school students


Kids need care & guidance

Kids are observant, delicate, learn fast and form life long habits fast. These formative years of life can decide the direction of rest of their life. We can gift them a wonderful life by helping them shape their minds in a positive and constructive way.

For they can feel lost easily

The world is fast becoming complex each passing day. It has become difficult to choose between right and wrong and more so for young kids. Crime rate among school students is at all time high across the world. Easy access to technology and lack of value education among many other factors have exposed young minds to a variety of things though their minds might not have fully formed to receive them in a healthy way.

Proper guidance can make them achieve great heights

RealmOfJoy provides universal moral and value education to school kids. Virtues of kindness, honesty, hard-work, compassion, respect and empathy if imbibed early in life becomes a part of ones inherent nature and help him/her take right decisions in life even under adverse and vulnerable moments, thereby helping not only the person but also the society at large.

Society is as good as its people are. By empowering each one of our young minds, we will lay the foundation of a strong society which will foster happiness, peace and innovation. A society which will have no place for the darker side of the force!

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